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We offer all-inclusive, flat rate closing packages for home purchases and sales. Our fees for our Durham estate planning lawyers, include all disbursements, such as title insurance, title searching, execution searches, courier costs, etc.

All-inclusive Pricing:

$1500.00 taxes in for a sale transaction *
$2400.00 taxes in for a purchase transaction *

* Includes the registration/discharge fees for one deed and mortgage respectively.

The only other additional charges for a purchase transaction will be the Land Transfer Tax (based on purchase price - additional search costs may apply to rural or unusual properties). If you are a first time homebuyer**, you will be entitled to a rebate on the Land Transfer Tax payable.

We understand that buying a home is often the largest purchase that many of us will ever make. We give the transaction the respect and time that it deserves. You deal with a lawyer and that lawyer's assistant directly.

Ontario Land Transfer Tax

Generally, if you buy land or an interest in land in Ontario you pay Ontario Land Transfer Tax.

Purchasers must Pay Ontario's Land Transfer Tax at the time a property transfer is registered. Our office collects the Land Transfer Tax payable from you and submits the required forms and funds to the Government of Ontario. If you are purchasing commercial property call our office directly for rates and disbursement quotes.



Enter the Purchase Price in $


Ontario Land Transfer Tax $

    Current as of January 1, 2008   Do not enter the dollar sign or commas  

Please Note: In addition to the Ontario Land Transfer Tax, purchases within the City of Toronto will carry a Municipal Land Transfer Tax. Please speak to a representative of our office directly regarding purchases within the City of Toronto.

First Time Buyers

Individuals, spouses and common law partners who are first time buyers within the definitions set out in the legislation may qualify for a Land Transfer Tax exemption up to a maximum of $4000 on a purchase. Not Sure if you or your partner qualify as First Time Buyers? Please click the link below to review our Land Transfer Tax Article and Information:

Land Transfer Tax Article and Information

Please NOTE: Always confirm with our office that you and/or your spouse qualify for any land transfer tax exemptions. Thank-you. We Appreciate your business.

Fraser Law now provides legal services to the outlying areas of Bowmanville, Whitby and Port Perry, in addition to our Oshawa area clients we currently serve.

(*Real Estate Fees and disbursements quoted above are for typical residential purchases located in Durham Region. If you are buying outside of Durham Region or purchasing large a large property, additional disbursements may apply. Ontario Land Transfer Tax applies to all purchases. If you are buying inside Toronto, Toronto's Municipal Land Transfer Tax AND Ontario Land Transfer taxes will apply. If you are arranging a mortgage, your mortgage company may charge broker fees, Tax on CMHC Fees, charges to deliver mortgage documents, etc. Prices quoted are for standard transactions with up to one mortgage to be arranged or up to one discharged. Transactions requiring additional registrations or multiple mortgage discharges may result in additional fees or disbursements. Prices are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to decline retainers. **To be eligible for the land transfer tax rebate for first time homebuyers you must meet the requirements set out in the legislation.)